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Navy crewneck sweatshirt
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Sweatshirts: SubVet With Dolphins


Product Description

Sweatshirts are embroidered with Submarine Veteran with Dolphins. Boats or customizing are extra, please contact us directly for custom embroidery.  For Silver or Gold Dolphins Only Sweatshirts, see Item #: S001; for Bottom Gun Sweatshirts, see Item #: S002; for United States Navy Submarine Veteran: Pride Runs Deep Sweatshirts, see Item #: S004; for Pride Runs Deep Sweatshirts, see Item #: S010; and for Blue Nose Sweatshirts, see Item #: S011.

Additional cost for Zipper With Hood is $8.00, and for Hooded Pullover, the additional cost is $6.00. Please specify.

Item #: S012

$9.50 (Fixed shipping cost)