Company Sponsors

Company Sponsors

The following business are important sponsors to

Raynor and Associates

Torpedo Junction used books

River Dale E Books Books
Publisher of Submariner’s Dictionary, Wahoo, Cod, Tang, Barb War Patrol books, Bacalo

Jim Christley Prints for sale

USSVI U.S. Submarine Veterans group
With 11,500 members in 130 Bases/Chapters in the U.S. For Active and Veterans of the U.S. Submarine Service

Submarine Art by Tom Denton
Artist Tom Denton presents his Submarine Art in watercolor prints of submarines and some surface ships.

Orion Printing
Since 1998, the only custom submarine personal check supplier on the planet.

Groton Base Home Page
The largest Base in USSVI. 110 guys belong to Groton Base in addition to their home Base. They have their own facility complete with bar, restraunt, meeting hall, stage. Address: 40 School Street, Groton, CT 06340

Groton Base Scholarship Program and fund
This Base alone raises about $7500 yearly to the USSVI Scholarship Program

Interested In Sponsoring the Shop?

If you are a vendor or manufacturer and are interested in supporting, please contact us for details.