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Custom Design Work

Patches we have made for various groups


Two more ideas



Shirts & Jackets

Here are some embroidery samples for polo shirts, denim shirts, denim and microfibre jackets. In addition to the sample of the back shown above, we can do the 9" USSVI Logo or a large set (12") of dolphins.


This is direct embroidery and not a patch.

Back graphics are $20. To put 1-3 words in large letters or a boat name under the graphic is $7 and 1-3 words above the graphic is $7.00 Boat names under this are $7 each. These designs can be put over the left breast front in smaller sizes and boat names are $2 each.

Click here for how many of each size to buy or the % distributions of sizes Custom work on jackets

Knit Shirts. A neat reunion idea. drumbksm.jpg


Great example of a custom job we recently did for the Nathaniel Greene and Francis Scott Key.


fsksm.jpg    natgreenesm.jpg


 The embroidery on the shirt is not a patch. Direct Embroidery.


We can also design and do custom patches. We have done the Sea Robin, Lockwood Internet Base and Capitol Base patches. The Blue Nose, 41 for Freedom, Bottom Gun patches are of our design.

Caps are available in the following:

  • Tan with mesh back (5 panel, no front seam)
  • Tan with regular back (6 panel with front seam)
  • Blue with mesh back (5 panel, no front seam)
  • Blue wool blend as our standard cap and best seller (6 panel with front seam)
  • Red with regular back (6 panel)
  • White with regular back (6 panel)


Most of these are in stock and we do have the biggest selection and most flexibility on custom orders of all of our merchandise. If you don't see what you want, give us a call and we will let you know if we can do it.


Custom work on ball cap

We can put the following graphics only on your caps:

  • USSVI Logo
  • Dolphins (silver or gold)
  • Surface warfare pin
  • Silouette of SSN


We can print custom graphics and are happy to quote the first time digitizing cost on any of our items.  We also offer other clothing items for custom embroidery.

For Ball Caps. We also can add side or back embroidery at $7.50 each. It is time consuming for the embroider to manually hoop the cap and re-install it on the machine. Quantity discounts are available for reunions and bases.