Company Information

The SubmarineShop surfaced in July, 1996 on the Net. It is the creation of two submarine veterans. Gil Raynor from Houston gets our custom products such as caps, clothing made there. He was a MM ELT on the SSBN 627. Ron Martini in Wyoming served 8 years and had 13 patrols on the SSBN 599 B&G crews as a nuke EM but qualified on the SS339.

Direct inquiries about products

Ron is retired, and he carries the small items such as jewelry, patches, pins, stickers, decals and does the paperwork and handles payment. He also runs the Net's largest BBS at

Gil operates an advertising speciality business in addition to the "Shop" and does mostly label work. He physically carries in Houston the heavier items and the clothing/caps line and has access to our embroiderer. Visit his other site at where you will see a small sample of his design. He also can do any number of products with your logo, from key chains to mugs.

Both are Life Members of USSVI. Ron is Base Commander of Wyoming Base.

Catalog (printed) is not available. This page is our catalog. We guarantee our product or will replace or refund to your total satisfaction. USSVI Bases: We will guarantee sale of our product or will replace it with product that will sell for you. The Shop is a licensed USSVI vendor.

We can do reunion and custom work.

Hours of Operation

East Coast: 10:00am - 8:00pm (Monday-Saturday)
West Coast: 7:00am - 5:00pm (Monday-Saturday)
Never on Sunday. Thank you.

Contact Information

Phone: 307-674-9847 (To place a manual order)
(Order Desk is a 2-person operation so please leave a callback number if not answered.)

Call 800-424-8372 or 281-497-8372 to inquire about custom embroidery and bulk reunion orders.

Fax: 1.904.369.9338

Ron's Email:

Thanks very much for past consideration and we hope to help you in the future.