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Honored Shipmate Memorial Marker & Grave Marker (CAST BRONZE)

$13.75 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Sailor Rest your Oars. Grave Marker

Honored Shipmate Memorial Marker

Cast Bronze for outdoor durability and permanence. Has two threaded mounts on back, 6 x 4.75"  This is a copyright design.Fixed shipping cost is 9.75

we have stayed with cast bronze even with the additional cost because of the extremely long life durability,  resin and aluminum will deteriorate when used outdoors , one of the main uses of these markers.


can be mounted on a plaque or on a grave stone.

A fitting way to honor your shipmate or as a presentation item

for his wife.

We will always remember our shipmates who have gone on Eternal Patrol.

We designed this Plaque at the request of a WWII submainer who thought that USSVI should have the

same honors as the WWII sailors who had grave markers made in bulk and one is presented to each

WWII submarine veteran.

Item #: M020